Book Proposals Guidelines

Manuscript Submissions

Submitting material to Oil On Water Press

If you have a nonfiction book proposal that you think may be suitable for publication, please check our guidelines below and email us at our SUBMISSIONS address:

Memoir & True Stories

We publish nonfiction only, specifically memoir and true-life stories.

What to send

Submit a clear, brief outline of your book, chapter sample or extract and any other relevant info. Please, no email attachments. Include a short bio and links to your social media and/or blogs if available.

Waiting time

Allow up to 8 weeks for a reply (send a gentle reminder if you haven’t heard back from us in that time).


Unfortunately we are not able to provide critical feedback or advice in the event your book isn’t for us.


Oil On Water Press is publishing memoir and true-life stories only. We are not looking for fiction, prose, poetry or graphic novels and such proposals will not receive a reply.

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