“In search of a story, I found myself.”

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Letting Go the Leash Photo Gallery

“Of the many stories that will be born out of the challenges faced in the global pandemic, this one is ours, mine and Zeke’s — the rescue dog.”

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Skatepark Gallery

In the summer of 2018, Clint Carrick drove across the US visiting unremarkable skateparks in unremarkable small towns. Along the way he took photographs.

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Possessed to Skate

Clint Carrick grew up in a small town where the skatepark was king to kids just like himself. He was out of practice when, as an adult, he one day packed his bags to travel the small town skateparks across the American Heartland to learn to do it all again.

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The Town Slowly Empties audio teaser title
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The Town Slowly Empties – Audiobook teaser

An audio sample of the book, The Town Slowly Empties: On Life and Culture during Lockdown. On why we write, the writings of world authors and poets on the subject of pandemic, and the things that confront us in such times.

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Featured Image The Town Slowly Empties

A Bird on the Branch of Tomorrow

Speaking from his New Delhi apartment, author Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee chats about his new book The Town Slowly Empties, and of life and art and the problem of getting a haircut during a pandemic. David Kerekes chats back.

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